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Builtin SRFI

This is a list of builin SRFI that don't require any action from user:

Feature-based conditional expansion constructSRFI-0
Homogeneous numeric vector datatypesSRFI-4
Basic String PortsSRFI-6
Running Scheme Scripts on UnixSRFI-22
Error reporting mechanismSRFI-23
Basic Format StringsSRFI-28
Basic Syntax-rules ExtensionsSRFI-46
An interface to access environment variablesSRFI-98
Syntax parametersSRFI-139
Custom macro transformersSRFI-147
Version flagSRFI-176
Command lineSRFI-193

Included SRFI

Those SRFI are included as files that can be loaded into LIPS Scheme system:

List LibrarySRFI-1
AND-LET*: an AND with local bindings, a guarded LET* special formSRFI-2
receive: Binding to multiple valuesSRFI-8
#, external formSRFI-10
Notation for Specializing Parameters without CurryingSRFI-26
Basic hash tablesSRFI-69
Syntactic combiners for binary predicatesSRFI-156
Multiple-value boxesSRFI-195
Procedures and Syntax for Multiple ValuesSRFI-210
Evaluating expressions in an unspecified orderSRFI-236

On the Web you can use this code to load above SRFI:

(load "<NUMBER>.scm")

In NodeJS you can use this code:

(load "<LIPS PATH>/lib/srfi/<number>.scm")

Future plans

On devel branch there is a way to load those SRFI with @lips marker instead of full path. The final version LIPS 1.0 will most likely include some mechanism to load SRFI as R7RS libraries.