Hyperapp LIPS demo


This is example applictation using Hyperapp together with LIPS interpter. Main application code is in app.lips file. The rest of the files are just helper macros and functions.

This demo

This page is created using jQuery code and in JavaScript but the hyper app is created using only LIPS code. It's inserted into iframe. Terminal on this is page can interact with lips instance from iframe.

Playing with terminal

You can execute example codes:

;; this will call up method on main app object
;; --> is macro defined in helpers.lips
(--> main (up 10))


LIPS code for the hyperapp is based on example from readme. I've used direct calls of h function in form:

import { h } from "hyperapp"

export const view = (state, actions) =>
  h("div", {}, [
    h("h1", {}, state.count),
    h("button", { onclick: () => actions.down(1) }, "-"),
    h("button", { onclick: () => actions.up(1) }, "+")